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Bouting sessions of the DC Dueling Club and the Virginia Academy of Fencing (VAF) in Springfield, VA. Mostly German Longsword but also rapier and other weapons. These are fairly large (about 10MB) Quicktime files.


Eric vs John 6/29/08
Sort of Monty-Python-esque bout in John's backyard; me in chainmail, John in red tunic.
Bob vs Eric 7/4/07 (bigger version here)
It's a miracle one of us wasn't killed. Honestly.
Bob vs Eric 7/4/07 (bigger version here)
This is the second bout. Now it's personal.
Bob vs Eric 7/4/07 (bigger version here)
The enigmatic Bob Busch and I honored our Nation's independence by trying to kill each other in Belle Haven Park, Alexandria, VA. This is the first bout.
Pamela vs Eric 12/6/06 (bigger version here)
The re-rematch.
Bill vs Eric 5/10/06 (messers) (bigger version here)
Taking Bill's new aluminum messer wasters for a test drive. (Okay, messers were medieval machetes, so this doesn't really belong in the longsword section, but who cares.)
Bill vs Eric 5/3/06 (bigger version here)
Good bout with steel.
Eric vs Pamela 4/19/06 (bigger version here)
The rematch.
Pamela vs Eric 2/1/06 (bigger version here)
Live steel action!!! Pamela pits her brand-new, fresh-from-the-box A&A Spada da Zogho against Eric's A&A Fechterspiel.
Pamela vs Bill 1/4/06 (bigger version here)
The match-up the world has been waiting for. Green Monster versus Velociraptor.
Eric vs Geoff 1/4/06 (bigger version here)
Two men have a friendly chat while trying to kill each other.
Geoff vs Bill 1/4/06
Eric vs Pamela 1/4/06
Pamela vs Geoff 1/4/06



Bill vs Kelly 7/2/06 (bigger version here)
Good bout with rapier and dagger.



Cutting Party '05 (bigger version here)
Last November, a farm in Northern Virginia gave a bunch of sword geeks the go-ahead to massacre their spare pumpkins. We didn't even have to clean up afterwards. Now, finally edited (w/soundtrack), is footage of the mayhem.
Using the Schielhau (bigger version here)
Instructional video on the most debated of the masterstrikes. This is how we do the Schielhau at VAF.

All videos copyright 2008
Eric Wargo